Luke Chao, Instructor

Luke Chao, Instructor

If you wish to be able to perform hypnotherapy powerfully and effectively, this course is for you.

If you wish to study in a program that has the backing of Canada’s most reputable clinical hypnotherapy association, you’re in the right place.

If you aim to work as a hypnotherapist, and one day start your own practice, this course is definitely what you need.

This in-depth course is especially designed for individuals who wish to learn how to perform real hypnotherapeutic treatments, help other people, and advance their careers in the field as hypnotherapy practitioners or professionals practising hypnotherapy as an adjunct to another profession. The training and credentials the course provides is good enough for our centre—we only hire graduates of this program—as well as for many other hypnotherapy clinics in Canada.

So How Do You Know This Course Is Serious?

First off, this is the only ARCH-accredited, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Training in Toronto, and that’s saying a lot. It offers 196 hours of in-class training with an additional 130 hours of practicum and homework. The course spans 25 weeks, which is the optimal time to internalize the required knowledge and skills.

Better still, our classes are small—a maximum of six students—ensuring that you receive a uniquely personalized learning experience. In this perfected environment, you will never be left behind and you will never be embarrassed to ask a question. All of this is essential in order to gain a profound understanding of the art and science of hypnotherapy.

If you are serious about practising as a Hypnotherapist in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada, a short course just won’t do. I will personally ensure that this course gives you all the information you need to become skilled, knowledgeable and confident Hypnotherapist.

In This Course, You Will Learn

  • How to induce hypnosis as quickly as mere seconds.
  • How to create as a deep a state of hypnosis as possible
  • How to deliver powerful, effective hypnotic suggestions without a script
  • How to ensure the client is hypnotized and remains hypnotized
  • The critical attitudes that every great hypnotherapist has
  • How to use age regression (not past-life regression) safely and effectively to discover and resolve issues at their root
  • How to help the client achieve forgiveness of themselves or others and
  • How to resolve inner conflict
  • How to use NLP techniques to take your sessions to the next level
  • The conversational hypnosis language patterns of Milton H. Erickson
  • How to induce states such as hyperempiria and the Esdaile state
  • How to practise self-hypnosis and teach it to your clients
  • How to start your own practice as a hypnotherapist and generate a steady stream of clients
  • How to deal with common ethical issues
  • How to identify mental health issues defined in the DSM so that you can handle them appropriately
  • How to structure a program for common issues like weight loss, smoking, fears, phobias, sleep issues, motivation, test anxiety, and more

Hypnosis as a Discipline and Practice—Not Mysticism

Our mission is to take the mysticism out of hypnosis. We practice no techniques that have esoteric or mystical components to them, such as past-life regression or other methods which are based on specific spiritual beliefs.

Ours is the school or rational, naturalistic methodology rooted in the teachings of Dave Elman, Milton Erickson, Gerald Kein, C. Roy Hunter and other prominent trainers. In other words, there is no element of the “supernatural.” This means that when you finish, you will know exactly what you are doing and you will know it works.

We Believe in Combining Theory and Practice

An essential part of this course is when I help you work through your own fears, limiting beliefs, habits and other issues as I demonstrate the techniques I’m going to teach you. What’s more, you’ll watch me work step-by-step with real clients from outside the class. You’ll get “cheat sheets” for the most popular techniques and a recording of every single class to go over at your own convenience and refresh it in your memory. This hands-on training will give you confidence both in hypnosis as a practice and in your personal abilities as a hypnotherapist.

After Your Training

This hypnotherapy training program is accredited by the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH) – one of the most prestigious hypnosis organizations in Canada. Your title will be Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, and you will be able to practice hypnotherapy in Toronto and Canada.

Moreover, we sometimes offer internship opportunities for students after graduation, which allow you to actually try yourself as a practitioner. Hypnotherapy is a highly rewarding profession, and we pride ourselves in consistently graduating confident, capable and successful students.

If you’d like to just try yourself at hypnosis without the serious commitment, click here. This short course is designed for students who wish to know hypnosis for general interest, in a less demanding setting.

If you are serious about this course, welcome aboard!

All you need to bring with you are empathy, verbal skills and creativity.

Everything else can be learned.

And we are here to teach you.

How to Apply

The starting date of the next course is TBA, but it will be taught on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and will require 325 hours of in-class instruction, practicum and homework.

Please phone us at 416-556-4068 or complete the form below to set up an application interview with me.

Student Testimonials

It has been a true gift to study and learn hypnosis from a master of his craft
It has been a true gift to study and learn hypnosis from a master of his craft.
Luke is not only passionate about hypnosis but also is a smart business person which allows the student to take in a full picture of the craft and how one may market oneself once the course is complete.
For anyone who has a desire to learn hypnosis, you could not be in better hands. Luke will guide you step by step making sure that you leave the course with a solid foundation in the practise and art form of this exception tool.
From the moment I met Luke, studied with him, and had the privilege of experiencing my own sessions with him I felt as if I was in the presence of a gifted hypnosis prodigy.
If you want to learn the craft or take your existing set of hypnosis tools to the next level you have come to the right place.*
— R.M.
After taking Luke's course, I feel completely qualified and eager to work with clients
I was originally certified at another hypnosis school in Toronto, and I felt that it left me with a lot of holes in my knowledge. I didn't feel confident enough to practice hypnosis. After taking Luke's course, I feel completely qualified and eager to work with clients. His practical approach is exactly what I was looking for. He took the time to clarify concepts with me personally, and now I'm working with him in the clinic.
As a result of his course, I've learned many advanced hypnotic methods that I did not learn in my previous course. He introduced us to ideas like NLP, advanced language patterns and how to run an effective hypnosis business. He holds nothing back, and I feel like I've been let into a world that was unknown to me earlier.*
— F.E.
I like his practical, no-nonsense approach
Luke is a very good instructor who's extremely knowledgeable about hypnosis. He explains the concepts well, and he’s good at transferring his knowledge to his students. His voice is very soothing and hypnotic.
Not only did he cover the basics, he also taught advanced forms of hypnotherapy that weren’t in the NGH books. I liked his demonstrations and hands-on practice sessions. He also used client examples and case studies to illustrate applications of hypnotherapy.
I like his practical, no-nonsense approach. There were no spiritual or metaphysical teachings.
The course structure was well-organized. I also enjoyed the marketing and business lectures in the end. Throughout the course, Luke truly cared about his students and he always answered your relevant questions to the best of his ability. The class size was really small and that meant you can have short and personal discussions with him.
Overall, it was a fun and rewarding experience for me. I learned a lot of about hypnosis and hypnotherapy during the course.*
— J.M.
I would encourage anyone really interested in learning powerful hypnosis techniques to choose [this] course
I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for providing such an in-depth, interesting and extremely useful certification course. Although previously certified through another organization, I felt I was lacking the tools to really help clients achieve their goals. The "Luke Style of Hypnosis" is absolutely superior to the standard "script reading" method taught by so many others. I would encourage anyone really interested in learning powerful hypnosis techniques to choose your course. I'm so glad I did!*
— K.G.


* Our services do not constitute medical care, psychotherapy or psychological advice. The results described on this site, including testimonials, represent the ideal outcome and might not be achieved by every student. Your ability to learn hypnosis will depend on your eagerness to learn, willingness to do homework, verbal facility and other factors.