Since our inception, we’ve practised mainly 5-PATH (Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis), a systematic method of hypnotherapy developed by Cal Banyan and practised by thousands of hypnotherapists around the world. 5-PATH is a universal approach that helps most people work through any given issue over approximately five sessions:

Session one: Direct suggestion

Since this is your first session of hypnosis, we want to keep it easy and simple. The intent is to make sure you’re going into hypnosis, to ensure that further sessions of hypnosis will benefit you, and to leave you feeling positive and relaxed.

Session two: Age regression

Now we’re going a little deeper. Age regression (not past-life regression) uncovers past events that might still be affecting you today. These events do not have to be traumatic, and in fact, usually aren’t—they just have to have taught you the wrong lessons about yourself or the world. During this session, we change your perception of these events so that they are no longer distressing, in a process called reframing.

Session three: Forgiveness of others

The previous session often uncovers old resentments, and forgiveness is how we change anger into peace. By forgiveness, we don’t mean that you have to like the other person, or that they have won. It just means that you are making the conscious choice to release any ill will you feel toward them, so that you can put that person behind you.

Session four: Forgiveness of self

For most people, especially those with a perfectionistic streak, it’s a huge step to forgive yourself for past mistakes and failings. Most clients leave this session feeling like a massive weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Session five: Parts mediation therapy

If the issue persists despite the work done in the first four sessions, we start to suspect that secondary gain—the desire to hold onto a problem because you’re benefiting from it in some way—is at play. The fifth session works with the “part” of you that’s holding onto the problem, identifies its needs and finds alternative ways to fulfill those needs.

5-PATH is not the only method we use, but it provides a systematic framework for working with issues such as fears and lack of confidence or motivation. If you are not comfortable with any of the phases, your program can be modified to accommodate your needs.