Muse Headband

Muse Headband.

A Toronto-based company, Interaxon, created the Muse as a meditation headband. However, it’s essentially a four-channel EEG, and through a specialized app we’re using it to monitor our client’s brainwaves during their hypnosis sessions.

Reading a client’s body language during a hypnosis session is an imprecise art. A readout of your brainwaves gives us invaluable information for monitoring your sessions. We can tell when you’re deep enough in hypnosis to start the work, when you’re too deep and about to fall asleep, or when we’ve said something that didn’t quite resonate. If we start seeing too much brainwave activity, it tells us to deepen hypnosis before we can see it on your face or in your breathing.

As far as we know, we’re the first hypnosis centre in the country to incorporate real-time brainwave data into our clients’ sessions. Over time, the aggregate data will allow us to refine our methods to benefit our future clients.

Please mention the Muse when making your booking if you would like us to use it during your session. By request, we can provide a CSV file containing your brainwave data after your session.

If you want to take Muse home with you to monitor your self-hypnosis sessions, we have units for sale at our office for $299 + HST (we’re including a free carrying case while supplies last).

Muse Brainwave Readout