Electro-Voice RE-20

Our Electro-Voice RE-20.

We are capable of producing high-quality hypnosis recordings to reinforce the work we do one-on-one, usually toward the end of a program. These recordings are a summary of the work we had done in the office. Since you’re going to be using your recording for potentially many years to come, we want to make sure that this recording is extremely high-quality. To that end, we’ve assembled a recording chain that would fit comfortably into a musician’s or voiceover artist’s home studio:

  • Electro-Voice RE-20 or Sennheiser 416 microphone
  • Triton Fethead pre-amp
  • Focusrite USB interface
  • Ubuntu Studio-based laptop computer

The RE-20 is the star of the show. It’s a standard microphone in the radio broadcast industry, and it produces a deep, warm, resonant tone that’s ideal for hypnosis recordings. When we make recordings for our YouTube channel, this is the microphone we usually use.

Recordings will have a small amount of post-processing applied to them, and can be mixed with licensed meditation music. Most recordings are about 30 minutes long, to allow time for editing and mixing. The final recording is delivered as a downloadable MP3, or a CD by request.

Naturally, any recordings we make will be tailored for your needs, goals and motivations. While we do sometimes make recordings on the first session (most notably for insomnia), we’ve found that talking into a microphone rather than to the client interferes with the natural give-and-take of a hypnotherapy session. Therefore, we do not recommend recording a session until the first three hypnosis sessions are finished.