The Smoking Breakup Plan is a professionally recorded, at-home program that’s designed to replicate our best messaging for our smoking clients. It’s centred around the idea that quitting tobacco is just like ending a toxic relationship, and having a regular voice of support will help you to break free, gain perspective and love yourself and your body again.

This digital download contains:

  • Six unique hypnosis sessions (delivered as high-quality MP3 files, which you can play on any phone, tablet or computer), which you can mix-and-match to best replicate the experience inside our office.
  • A quick-start video and quick-start PDF guide describing how to use the program for your specific stop-smoking scenario (from being a social smoker to a heavy smoker).
  • Three bonus recordings to keep on your phone and use as-needed for the most common triggers that cause relapses.

There are nine sessions in total, but in most cases, you will only need to use a few of them. One of the sessions, a short session intended for those who are entirely new to hypnosis, can be sampled below:

The price is $129 Canadian Dollars plus 13% HST. To purchase using a credit card or PayPal account, and receive your download link immediately after payment, please use the button below:

If you have any questions or prefer to pay by another method, please call our office at 416-556-4068.