We will make a hire once we find the right person

If you’re smart, thoughtful and empathic, and you’re looking to start a career in hypnotherapy, you could be a good fit with our practice. As we rebuild from the pandemic, we are looking to develop new hypnosis talent at the same time that we are reaching an increasingly international audience.

As an emerging profession, hypnotherapy does not have universal standards for training or practice. Certification counts for a small amount, but not very much, as the knowledge we’ve generated in-house over 15+ years is broader and deeper than the knowledge that’s summarized in courses and books. Instead, we are looking for an associate practitioner with a specific set of qualities:

  • Be a truth-seeker, and a truth-teller. This requires a distaste for careless thinking and inauthentic speech.
  • Believe that morality (even a universal kind of morality) has a place in the 21st century.
  • Prefer first-principles reasoning to memorization.
  • Be an excellent verbal communicator with a solid grasp of the English language (additional languages are optional).
  • Be well-read in literature, philosophy and psychology.
  • Ideally, you will have undergone your own inner journey to understand yourself better, such as through therapy.
  • Prefer original insights or timeless wisdom to popular trends or sayings.
  • Have a generally optimistic view of the world and human potential.
  • Have a desire for lifelong learning and continual improvement. Seek feedback.
  • Would rather work with an established practice than independently.

We can train for everything else, but these qualities are essential, uncommon and difficult to train for. If you possess them, you would be a good fit with our company’s culture and and we will find it worthwhile to develop your skills as a hypnotist. We are not asking for a specific educational background, but the qualities above coincide with a liberal education.

In most cases, the best way to begin would be to complete our NGH certification course, which is a “getting to know each other” process at the same time that it’s a training program. However, if we are not teaching this course any time soon and we think you could be an excellent long-term fit with our practice, we will train you one-on-one at our own expense. Either way, we suggest that you start the conversation early if you want to work with us.

If you already have your own hypnotherapy practice that you want to merge with ours, the conversation will be different, but you still need to meet the criteria above so that you are a good fit with our culture. We are quick to sever connections with practitioners who demonstrate that they are careless with truth or morality.

Compensation can be extremely variable, as every dollar of compensation comes from your clients. If you are already financially secure, you will find this role to be less stressful, and you will have fewer ethical conflicts of interest. This is an unfortunate reality that is not of our making. The better that you are able to bring in new clients, the better your compensation will be, and the more secure you will be. Those who succeed in this profession usually view it as a calling, not a job, which makes the challenges surmountable and the non-monetary rewards satisfying. This is just as true for us as it would be for you.

If that sounds like you, and the ideas that we’ve shared through our online content resonate with you, please contact us to introduce yourself and begin the conversation. You must be located in Toronto and legally permitted to work in Canada. There is no application deadline as we will not make a hire unless we find an ideal candidate.