quotes-11I have been an entrepreneur all of my life. From a very young age, I watched my parents spend countless hours away from home building their businesses. I never finished school and started my first company at 22 years old. 30 years later, I found myself in yet another business which brought decades of experience together into a demanding and potentially very rewarding opportunity. After a short time, I found myself procrastinating and struggling and thought I might benefit from some sessions of hypnotherapy.

During our sessions, Luke brought the reasons for my procrastination to the surface. My subconscious, very clearly, was working at odds with my conscious. One side wanting success for me in my new venture, while the other side determinedly fought for control to keep me from achieving my potential. It seemed odd to me that this was happening, but upon peeling the onion back, Luke helped me clearly see how my experience with my parents, always seeming to be gone from home, created a deep block that divided my ability to take the steps necessary in this new venture and achieve the success I knew to be possible. Through this journey, I have discovered how my physical body has also been in conflict with my mind and they have continually fought for control.

It seems so simple now that I look back and see the conflicts in both my physical and mental development and how certain key occurrences have shaped so much of my journey. To have the peace of mind and the level of success I have achieved since my sessions with Luke is rewarding financially, but on a much deeper level, truly life changing. I’ll be forever grateful.*


— G.H. (Toronto, Financial Sales)

You wake up energetic and full of excitement. Today is going to be great. You have important things to do and you are going to get them done. You’ve got your eyes on the prize and you know that as long as you stay focused, you will excel. However, as the day wears on, you find yourself becoming distracted by mundane items. Your determination slowly begins to deteriorate and you start to procrastinate. By the time night falls, you have failed to accomplish any of the goals you had set out to achieve that day. Your self-confidence falters and you go to bed feeling dejected. Days turn into weeks, and then months. Your goals slip out of reach as you feel your potential starting to fade. You know you could be doing more than this, but… somehow, you just can’t seem to stay motivated.

Does this sound familiar? Don’t waste another minute spinning your wheels. It’s time to become the person you are meant to be. Hypnosis can get you on the fast track to success and turn your daydreams into reality. This isn’t a series of guilt-ridden lectures like the ones you receive from parents or friends about your “should-have”s. This is a fast, easy and effective way to kick-start your ambition. Through advanced hypnotic techniques, you will adopt the attitudes that your most high-achieving and motivated friends, colleagues and neighbours already have. Hypnotherapy can help you maximize your life and perform to the absolute best of your ability, in every task that you take on.


Four Motivation-Killers You Must Face… and Defeat!

What is standing in your way of productivity? Most people believe it’s laziness. However, this is not necessarily the case. Laziness may explain why you spent one particular afternoon lying on the couch watching television re-runs, but there is often a far greater explanation for your chronic underachievement. The secret is this: it is not that you are unmotivated; it is that you are actually motivated against what you want to do. And the driving force behind that is fear.

Fear is, some argue, the most powerful human emotion. And when it comes to general goal-setting and the progress of your professional or personal life, there’s a lot to be afraid of. Failure, rejection and criticism, embarrassment and even success (or rather, certain elements that accompany success) are all very scary thoughts, and often reason enough not to “go for it.” This is where hypnotherapy enters the picture. Hypnosis will not only allow you to pinpoint which fears cause your self-destructive behaviour, but also show you how to recast the very situations you dread into situations that will dramatically enhance your performance.

Our practitioners have identified four common fears that reduce our clients’ willingness and motivation to act—and what to do about them:


Fear of Failure

Guess what: failure is something that everyone encounters. Nobody succeeds in everything on their first try. Why? Because to be truly successful, you have to be innovative. This means you will need to think and work in ways that are new and different from methods used in the past. As a result, no matter how much you study and prepare beforehand, you will be to some degree entering uncharted territory and making discoveries of your own. Through trial and error, you will find out what is effective and what is not. By knowing how to keenly observe a failure and adapt to feedback, your unsuccessful attempts will still be steps forward.

Fear of Rejection or Criticism

Similar to failure, rejection and criticism can actually be incredibly beneficial if you know how to interpret them. First, it is vital not to take either of the two personally. A rejection of your work is not a rejection of you. Second, rejection and criticism offer an objective look at holes in your projects or plans that you, being too involved, were perhaps unable to see. If you remove yourself from the situation, you will find that what appeared to be hurtful criticisms are actually helpful suggestions.

Fear of Embarrassment

If you’re like most people, you care about the opinions of your colleagues and peers and are afraid of being humiliated in front of them. That’s okay; it’s a natural reaction. However, if your fear is strong enough to convince you not to take the risk, then you will never have the opportunity to reap the greatest rewards possible. The trick is to use your fear as a reason to put your best effort into whatever you do, so that when it comes time to be observed by others, you will be presenting something that has taken a lot of work and thought. In addition, it is important to accept that what others think of you is ultimately secondary and should never be reason not to go for what you truly desire in life.

Fear of Success

Wealth. Status. Acclamation from others. Personal satisfaction and day-to-day happiness. Freedom. However you define success it sounds like something that’s pretty hard to be afraid of. Nevertheless, there are elements of success that can be troubling. To accomplish your dreams would mean a change of lifestyle, and even though that change is positive it is still different and unknown. Additionally, there is the fear of being unable to sustain success after you have achieved it. Furthermore, you may wonder whether your peers and family will remain supportive throughout your transition, or if they will harbour resentment towards you? These are all legitimate concerns and may be part of what is causing you to hold back. It is crucial to keep the idea of success as a purely positive motivating tool in your mind, and create a future that you want to work towards.

How Hypnosis Can Help You Become the Person You’ve Always Wanted to Be

We know what you’re thinking: easier said than done. It is one thing to theoretically agree that failure is a learning experience, criticism and rejection are veiled advice, embarrassment is a necessary risk and only as bad as one allows it to be, and success can be designed to fulfill dreams without negative side-effects. It is quite another to wholeheartedly accept these ideas as a credo and live by them every day. And you know what? We agree with you.

That’s where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is a tool designed to help you free yourself from your fears and embrace a mindset conducive to success. Let’s face it: it is not your intelligence or talent that is stopping you. Instead, there are other mental or emotional hang-ups buried in your unconscious mind that breed doubt and insecurity and stop you from dedicating your heart and soul to achieving your goals. Hypnotherapy targets these hang-ups and prepares you to live up to your full potential.

Your mind can be described as having two parts: the conscious and unconscious minds. Your conscious mind is responsible for dealing with things on a logical level, such as problem-solving at work and deciding what to make for dinner. Your unconscious is in charge of automatic duties such as breathing and filtering all sights and sounds around you to allow your conscious to focus on the task at hand. Both your conscious and unconscious make observations and form ideas, and are responsible for your feelings and behaviours. The difference is that your conscious ideas are a) based on logic, and b) easily accessible to you. Contrarily, your unconscious ideas are a) based on emotions, and b) remain buried and hidden from your (conscious) mind. Whenever you find yourself following a pattern of emotions or habits that you do not understand, it is because they are instigated by thoughts dwelling in your unconscious. The reason why you cannot “get over” debilitating fears even though you understand why it would be beneficial to do so is because these fears are rooted in your unconscious.

Through a series of deep relaxation methods, hypnosis allows access to your unconscious mind. It exposes exactly what your fears are and, through positive suggestions, transforms them into motivational thoughts that will inspire you to take action and lead the life you want. It’s important to note that hypnotherapy is not mind control. While you are very relaxed during each session, you remain completely conscious and alert to your surroundings the entire time. You are as aware of what your hypnotherapist is saying to you as you would be under any other circumstances. As a result, it is impossible for the hypnotherapist to “plant” an idea against your will and “make” you do something you don’t know about or don’t want to do. Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural and highly effective way of changing how you think in order to change how you live.

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