When you ask how much we’ll charge to help you, we take the question seriously, and in most cases our answer will be “let’s set aside some time to figure that out.” We don’t bill individual clients for intakes, planning or communication—only actual, eyes-closed hypnosis sessions—which makes it possible for us to hear the details of your case first and then quote a price estimate along with a written plan. Having a total price estimate means that you won’t start a program you can’t afford to finish.

As a rule, we won’t say that we can help you until we can also say how we can help you, which is important for your full, informed consent. Human beings are complex, and we don’t use scripts or one-size-fits-all programs (except for smoking cessation, as we’ll explain later). Once we can articulate a how, we can estimate how long your program will be. If we don’t believe we can help you after considering the details and parameters of your case, we will let you know politely and for free, which happens more often than you might think.

If you already understand why this is the best way to begin, you can click here to skip forward and schedule your consultation at our office—it’s a relaxed and informative meeting that leads to a written treatment plan at no cost or obligation.

If you aren’t comfortable with that depth of conversation yet, you can experience one of the many free sessions on our YouTube channel to become familiar with our work, practices and principles first.

If You Just Want to Know How Much It Costs…

Most hypnotists operate and bill like psychotherapists or counsellors, which means you pay them for every hour they spend with you. Our approach is different: We only start billing after you approve the plan we’ve written for your case. If we can’t hypnotize you, we don’t charge for the session. In most cases, you can expect results starting with your first session. We’ll even refund up to three sessions if you aren’t satisfied. All of this means that we only make money from happy clients, and because we’ve been operating under this principle since 2006, we’ve become one of the best in our industry.

The minimum budget that allows you to reasonably expect results is usually $600 Canadian dollars (plus applicable taxes), which we adhere to by using one of the sessions to make a recording for at-home repetition. Most of our clients can afford more than that and prefer more comprehensive plans, but even our months-long plans are usually $1250 or less before tax. If your case is especially complicated, your program will need to be longer, but we will offer a lower rate to make a longer program easier to commit to. Without knowing the details of your case, these are the only numbers we can provide.

For our corporate consulting clients, as a benchmark, we aim for a 10x anticipated return on investment wherever it can be quantified, and it only makes sense to align our interests together. To discuss your organization’s needs, please call.

What Goes into a Hypnosis Session

Hiring a hypnotist isn’t like hiring a dentist or massage therapist, since we’re working with the complexity and diversity of the human mind rather than fairly predictable human bodies. We’ve developed our internal best practices through years of experience, and comparisons with other practices are often apples-to-oranges.

As you already know from working with contractors or other professionals, hourly rates aren’t a helpful guide to total costs. An experienced practitioner can make a bigger impact in less time, and they can prevent more expensive problems from getting out of hand (such as by referring to other professionals). The last thing that you want is to hire a hypnotist who makes up for a low hourly rate by accepting a case they aren’t qualified for or adding unnecessary sessions—practices we counter by providing a written treatment plan along with a total price estimate.

Once you become familiar with our practice, you will start to understand why we work differently. Primarily, we make every effort to meet your expectation that we can help you in a small number of well-defined sessions, often two or three and rarely more than five or six—which is a very small amount of time in the counselling and therapy worlds. We achieve this by practising as traditional, formal hypnotists, which means we’re more interested in verbally delivering solutions than examining your past or feelings in depth. Because a traditional hypnotist will be speaking nearly non-stop during the duration of a session, we only see a handful of clients every day, but we treat these clients very well.

To plan a series of private in-office sessions, we must consider several variables, including:

  • Your personal life history
  • Ongoing influences on your mood or thinking
  • Potential challenges that we can foresee
  • Hypnotic suggestibility (which we will assess)
  • Your level of self-motivation

This information all goes into your plan, which summarizes the messaging that we will communicate during your sessions, for you to examine and consent to before you agree to work with us.

We do understand that nearly all of our clients are paying for our services out of their own pockets. We make this easier for you by providing as much quality information as we can upfront, such as through our YouTube channel and our free consultation. If we do not believe that we can realistically help you, we will recommend alternative and often free or low-cost next steps (such as books that are relevant to your situation). Finally, since our inception in 2006, we have had a money-back guarantee in the event that a client is dissatisfied with our work, for up to three sessions. Even if you would never take advantage of this policy, you will benefit from the feedback provided by every past client who has.

Our “getting to know each other” process is a free, one-hour consultation, usually at our office. Most clients find this process to be informative and helpful, and we view it as an important stepping stone before we accept you onboard. We want our pricing to be based on facts, and whether or not you decide to proceed with us, we want your decision to be based on solid information too.

Book a Free Consultation, for a Treatment Plan with Cost Estimate

If you’re from out of town or have a hard time scheduling time off work, completing our self-directed online consultation is the best way to start for simple or non-sensitive issues.

Otherwise, complete the form below or call us at 416-556-4068 and we’ll get back to you with our next availabilities for an in-office consultation. Whichever option you pick, you will receive a written treatment plan with a fee estimate within a few days. We look forward to helping you make an informed decision.

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