In-Person Hypnosis Made Affordable

Our group hypnosis classroom

Our group hypnosis sessions are an affordable and accessible way to experience hypnosis for the first time, or to maintain a positive mindset after you’ve been a private client with us. These drop-in classes are a live and mostly unscripted experience, making each visit unique—much like a yoga or meditation class, except with some very comfortable armchairs and clear direction in how to think about your problems. Your hypnotist is Luke Chao.

Our schedule for group hypnosis, until at least October 28, 2022, is as follows:

Insomnia Mondays at 6:30 p.m.
Overeating and weight loss Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.
Smoking and other toxic habits Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
Stress and anxiety Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.
Chronic pain and illness Fridays at 6:30 p.m.

These sessions are held in-person at 49 Elm Street, which is located close to SickKids Hospital and Dundas Subway Station. For privacy reasons, we do not livestream sessions online.

Each visit is $50 plus HST. You can pay at the door by tapping a credit card, Interac card or phone with NFC payments. If you’re paying in cash, please bring exact change. If you’re a healthcare worker, show your hospital badge or other identification and you will be admitted at no cost (until at least October 2022).

Group sessions have a maximum capacity of 16 participants, with 12 seats being available for reservation, and no minimum (the event will proceed even if there is one participant). Non-reserved seats are first-come, first-serve. To reserve your seat, please book through Vagaro:

How Group Sessions Work

Each session begins with your hypnotist briefly explaining what to expect, including an overview of the messages that will be communicated. Then we will take requests for specific messages to include, and these messages will be included if the group reaches a consensus. This ensures that each experience will be personalized based on the input of the participants, even if the basic message is similar.

The formal hypnosis segment lasts around 40 minutes. We will have your eyes open by the 60-minute mark in case you need to leave promptly, but there will be time for questions past the hour.

Please be mindful of other participants. Here are the rules:

  • We will start precisely on time. Please plan to arrive five to ten minutes early.
  • If you are showing any signs of illness, we ask that you stay home (we will refund you if you have prepaid).
  • If you cannot attend, we ask that you cancel your reservation to free up your seat for another participant.
  • Do not wear strong fragrances, and please respect physical distancing.
  • If you are prone to snoring, please do your best not to fall asleep (we will gently wake you if you do).
  • To respect the privacy of other participants, we do not allow recording of the session.

Unlike private sessions, drop-in group sessions do not follow a specific treatment plan, and each participant will be at a different stage in their journey. Some people will need more visits than others, and you should come as often as you find necessary. Group sessions are not suitable for complex cases or people who are difficult to hypnotize. For private, individualized sessions, please contact our office for a free consultation and treatment plan.

Eyes-Open Talks

When we have lectures and talks scheduled, they will be listed here.

Hypnosis Training

NGH Certification: Starting September 25, 2022 for nine consecutive Sundays, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Click for more information.

Beyond Certification: To be announced.

Suggest an Event

If you have any suggestions for workshop topics, we are open to hearing them.

If you have a group of at least five friends or coworkers who would like to be hypnotized for an event or for a specific issue, please reach out and we will arrange a custom experience.

If you are an instructor who’s working in the mind-body health field, we would be happy to discuss the possibility of having you teach in our space. We are somewhat selective about the ideas we will give a platform to, but we encourage you to reach out nonetheless.