Luke Chao, FounderIf you had to name one trait that stands out in a really good salesperson, it is going to be confidence. You can see the gleam in their eye, the smile in their voice, and the unbending iron in their posture. It is obvious why they succeed. But not necessarily how it works.

It is a fact however, that those salespeople that are more confident, enthusiastic and motivated—make more sales. But how is it, that one guy or girl is so much better than another? What is the difference in the way they work, or think?

We’ve seen many hard-working, intelligent, pleasant people who just can’t do sales.


When enthusiasm runs out, motivation seeps away and the phone becomes heavy as lead, turning the next cold call into something you just can’t do anymore, that’s where it becomes really hard. Or when you make the call, approach the customer and need to close a deal, and you just can’t. The words that come out are all wrong, the confident posture is not there anymore, and the situation is spiralling out of control.

Fighting an Uphill Battle

If you’re discouraged before you even picked up the phone, you’re fighting an uphill battle. If you’re dealing with your own money worries or personal life issues that you just can’t leave at home, you’re going to falter when you quote the price. If you lack motivation, you’re not going to go for the close.

From prospecting to closing, your “inner game” is critically important for making the sales you need to succeed. Without the motivation to prospect consistently, the confidence to persuade your clients, and a healthy set of beliefs about what success is and how to get there, you won’t be reaching your full potential—or your maximum income.

The Good Sales Person—Within

The secret is that all of this can happen even to the really, really good salespeople occasionally or even regularly. High performing salespeople also have bad days and can do better if they could just get rid of the occasional slump.

When a salesperson is not doing very well, or wishes to do better, it’s those periods of temporary weakness that need to be addressed. They also have a reason. Identifying it can be incredibly liberating and can drive your performance to a new high.

How Can Hypnotherapy Increase Sales Performance?

guarantee-01The reasons for our insecurities or distractions—permanent or temporary—are inside. They are often rooted in habits or beliefs that may not be a problem usually, but when you are tired, distracted or upset—which can be very often for some people – they can and will become a very real impediment.

That’s where we come in. I’m Luke Chao. I’ve been working with sales professionals for the past eight years to help them overcome their own limiting beliefs and build confidence or motivation.

My method? Hypnotherapy. It is by far one of the quickest tools for changing the way people think. And that means it can turn around a sales professional’s underperformance quickly and effectively.

Imagine how much of a difference an increase of just 10% of your closing rate would bring you and your household. This means that even a salesperson who’s doing exceptionally well can still do better, and reach new heights of achievement, performance, and earning potential.

Is Hypnosis Right for You? If You’re Serious About Getting Better at Sales, Take the Next Step Forward

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