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Unprecedented Times Require Unprecedented Solutions

If your company or organization faces challenges that can be solved by changes in employee attitudes or perspectives, we can almost certainly help. In the intersection between your interests and your employees’ interests, our Consulting Hypnotists are able to help with:

  • Increased productivity
  • More engagement
  • Improved morale
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Team cohesion
  • Reduced stress

The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis has been helping individuals to achieve personal change since 2006. During these years, we’ve worked with thousands of clients on a one-on-one basis, and through regular feedback, we’ve gained unique insights about human achievement that generalize to much larger groups.

In 2020, we launched a boutique consulting practice so that we can apply these insights to organizations in Toronto and around the world (corporate, non-profit and government). Every consultant can provide an outside perspective on your organization’s problems, but a Consulting Hypnotist uniquely specializes in figuring out what must be communicated so that your employees perceive the positive meaning in their work or in changes you want them to make.

Let us put on our thinking hats and figure out how to solve your employee morale problems. Below, we’ve listed just a few of the ways that we can help.

Free Lunch-and-Learn

We chose our slogan, “We make hypnosis make sense,” for good reason. We’re passionate about hypnosis, and we want it to make sense to people so that they can benefit from the deep relaxation and positive attitudes that it produces. We believe that hypnosis, practised skilfully, is one of the best ways to adopt a better outlook and take life’s challenges in stride.

In this spirit, we offer free lunch-and-learns for any organization that can assemble a group of at least 20 employees or members together at once (a charge will apply for smaller groups). A member of our team will visit your site or host an online video call to talk about how hypnosis can help, and optionally perform a group session, time-permitting.

Currently we do not have any availability for free lunch-and-learns. We expect to have availability from November 2020 onward.

Employee Morale, Productivity and Engagement

There are many reasons your team might be demoralized. Perhaps it’s working from home during the pandemic, organizational restructuring such as during a merger, or a new competitor that’s been getting media attention. Demoralization drains productivity and spreads among employees like wildfire, at a time when you need their performance more than ever.

If there’s one thing we do well as Consulting Hypnotists, it’s adding meaning to people’s lives and inspiring them to stay the course. No matter what business you’re in, not every quarter or year will be smooth sailing, and we’re here to help your employees remember the meaningfulness of their work, the vision of their leadership and the mission of the company.

Stop Smoking as a Team

If a full-time employee smokes 8 cigarettes every day during working hours and their average cigarette break is 5 minutes long, their workplace smoking habit takes up 167 hours/year. If that employee makes $65,000 per year, their workplace smoking is costing your company $5428 every year in lost time—not counting illness-related absenteeism and disruptions to other employees.

Nearly every smoker has already thought about quitting, and there are many employees in your organization who don’t smoke despite having similar stressors. We can help your smokers join your non-smokers in a coordinated team effort. Stopping smoking is always worth it!

Relentless Sales

More than any other occupation outside of professional athletes, sales professionals understand how their mindset, attitude and positivity are critical when it comes to their work performance.

We can model the attitudes and thought processes of your top performers, and instil these ways of thinking in the rest of your team. We also work with individual sales professionals to overcome challenges such as call reluctance or lack of motivation.

When your company’s revenue is tied directly to the performance of your sales team, every advantage matters.

Executive Coaching

It can be lonely at the top, and your hard work is often taken for granted. As a top leader, most of your employees don’t understand you or the problems you face. Fortunately, many of our private clients have been business leaders, and we understand your challenges. (Hint: we know you’re human too.)

Most executives already function at a very high level, so our work with executives tends to be brief and focused. We recognize that your time is extremely important, and you need us to be smart, straightforward and efficient, much like you are.

For executive coaching, we can see you at our office, discreetly arrive for a private meeting at your office, or host a private video conference. On your end, you would need privacy, uninterrupted time and comfortable seating with head and neck support. We’ll do the rest.

Work with Us

Whether or not your organization’s needs are met by the programs above, let’s start a conversation. As long as it’s win–win–win for you, your employees and for us, any project can be discussed. (We just don’t do hypnosis for pure entertainment.)

To give you an idea of costs, our benchmark is to produce a 10x anticipated return on your investment, wherever it can be quantified. For example, for an estimated $50,000 in savings or additional revenue to your company, we will aim to keep our fee at around $5000. Where a return can’t be quantified, we aim to produce satisfaction among both employees and leadership that’s immeasurably more than the fee we charge.

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