loseweight You tell yourself, I’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day you’ll begin a strict diet and daily workouts to fit into those flirty summer dresses, or build six-pack abs to impress at the beach.

But tomorrow turns into the day after as you indulge in a bag of chips or a chocolate bar. The day after turns into a week later as you avoid working out because you’re feeling too tired. Before you know it the summer has gone by, and you’ve stayed exactly where you started – or perhaps gained more weight.

If you think it only happens to you, think again. You are not alone. Millions of men and women diet, lose weight, and gain it all back again later. Millions set unrealistic weight loss goals or go on miracle fad diets, only to abandon them after a few days. These people think the same thing you’re thinking: I want to lose weight, but I can’t.

They blame the same things you blame: no self-control, stress, fatigue and zero willpower. Unfortunately, this all adds up to just one thing: excuses. Excuses happen when you let your mind control you with self-defeating thoughts. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is not just a change of conduct, but a change of mindset.

It’s time to take control of your body. But first let’s face some facts:

  • Diet and exercise never works — if you hate doing it.
  • If you have lost weight, you won’t keep it off — unless you commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Learning to love exercise and committing to a healthy lifestyle may not sound like an easy way to lose weight, but with hypnosis, it is. Hypnosis helps you change those self-defeating, out-of-control feelings into a positive mindset that leads to sustainable weight loss.*

Hypnosis: A Weight Loss Secret We Can’t Wait to Share

coupleYou can lose weight in many ways, but success always comes down to eating fewer calories than your body needs until you reach your desired weight. Using hypnosis, you can learn to achieve a caloric deficit in several ways:

First, we help you love and appreciate your body. Many people view their body as an adversary. However, it’s only doing the job it’s supposed to do when it stores excess fat—hundreds of years ago, it would have saved your life during times of starvation. When you truly and deeply appreciate your body, you will want to take better care of it.

Second, we work with emotional eating. Many people associate food with love or comfort, an association that often goes back to childhood. However, what was appropriate for a growing child might not be appropriate for a full-grown adult. Using hypnosis, we help you break this connection and develop healthier ways to de-stress.

Mindful eating is often a component of our weight loss program. Many people eat thoughtlessly, whether it’s between meetings or in front of your television. But if you ate at a gourmet restaurant, you would never just scarf down the food—you would take the time to eat every bite slowly and carefully. Approaching every meal like a gourmet meal allows you to value fresh, high-quality food, and to be satisfied with smaller portions.

Of course, it’s always important to consume healthy food in healthy portions. We’ll look at snacking, eating as a reward and binge eating. Aversion methods might be used for specific foods like candy bars or potato chips, but only if you’re willing to give up those foods for life.

Finally, we can incorporate motivation to exercise. For most people it’s easier to eat less food than to burn off excessive calories, but exercise has many benefits beyond weight loss. For those with the time and energy to exercise, it’s an important part of a weight loss program.

A Comprehensive Program That Tackles Weight Loss from Multiple Angles

In countless independent studies around the world, hypnosis has been consistently proven to be an effective form of treatment for habit control, especially when there are emotions driving behind those habits.

Here at The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis, we are committed to helping you achieve tangible, real-world results. Because of this, our unique approach to weight loss is multi-pronged. By tackling the issue from every angle you can be sure that your success will be holistic and comprehensive.

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Our Unique Guarantee

guarantee-01We are confident that by the time you’re finished our exclusive, multi-faceted weight-loss program, you will be absolutely ecstatic about your sessions with us. Our hypnotherapists are among the most highly-trained in Toronto. They are discreet and professional. And most importantly, they’re good people. On these strengths we back their skill, professionalism and empathy with a full money-back guarantee. If you feel as though any of those three qualities are lacking in your sessions, we’ll happily refund your money with no hassle.

So don’t miss another summer because of your weight issues. Book your free consultation at The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis today. This 30-minute consultation (worth $100) will give us an opportunity to evaluate your responsiveness to hypnotherapy, as well as ensure that you are completely informed before proceeding with the program. And if you find that this isn’t the method for you, there’s absolutely no obligation to continue.

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* Our services do not constitute medical care, psychotherapy or psychological advice. The results described on this site, including testimonials, represent the ideal outcome and might not be achieved by every client. Your results will depend on your motivation to change, responsiveness to hypnosis, past history and other factors.

Change is Possible!

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Change is Possible!

Call for a free consultation.