Our chronic pain and illness group meets on Friday nights at 6:30 p.m., at our centre at 49 Elm Street in downtown Toronto, for $50 plus HST per visit. It’s especially suitable for people who are coping with problems that have a strong mind–body connection, like irritable bowel syndrome or insomnia. For more information about how our shared hypnosis sessions work, please visit our events page.

The content of each session will vary depending on the group, since we take requests at the start of the class, but the core message will be centred around these suggestions:

  • Your body is an excellent listener, which means that you will send well wishes through your mind–body link, rather than distressing messages.
  • Your body works much better than it doesn’t, and the better aspects of your health (along with matters in the outside world) are more deserving of your attention. In other words, you will pay attention to signal, not noise.
  • Because you are alive, it’s inevitable that you will either heal or adapt, on a long enough timeline.

Depending on the consensus of the group, we sometimes focus on specific messages to communicate to your body in addition to the above.

Reservations are recommended:

If you have any questions or difficulty using the link above, please call us at 416-556-4068.