When you’re selecting any kind of practitioner to help you make life changes, nothing is more important than ensuring a good fit. Below, you’ll find brief introductions to each of our associates and support staff.

Consulting Hypnotist


Hon. B.A., C.H., C.I.

Luke Chao

Luke Chao founded The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis in 2006. Since then, he has trained several associates and continues to work with the majority of our clients. He works primarily with issues relating to confidence, motivation or habits, and his approach to hypnosis is straightforward and persuasive. Read more…


Adina Nistor

As a Psychotherapist, Adina uses a combination of cognitive and mindfulness techniques to help her clients with a wide range of anxiety disorders, depressive symptoms, stress, substance use and other issues.
Read more…

Client Care Coordinator

Ruby Davis

As Client Care Coordinator, Ruby will be the first friendly face you’ll see when you visit us. Read more…

Corporate Communications

Iris Buehler

For corporate and other organizational inquiries, Iris will be your first point of contact. Read more…