Our drop-in hypnosis group for stress and anxiety meets on Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. It’s at our centre at 49 Elm Street in downtown Toronto, and costs $50 plus HST per visit. After a few visits, it will no longer be a mystery how some of your neighbours and colleagues can exist on the same planet, in the same year as you, and be much more relaxed.

For more information about how our shared hypnosis sessions work, please visit our events page, and to hear some of the ideas that we advocate for, please listen to our podcast.

The content of each session will vary depending on the group, since we take requests at the start of the class, but the core message will be centred around these suggestions:

  • Your mind–body link is real and accessible, so you will intentionally use your self-talk to cause yourself comfort, not distress.
  • Self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance are the real deal, and they fulfill very real emotional needs.
  • In every imaginable situation, you can hold your head up high, since your worth as a human being is constant and inviolable.

Depending on the consensus of the group, we sometimes focus on limiting the influence on the inner critic or outside influences (such as current events) in addition to the above.

We strongly recommend making a reservation so that we know you’re coming:

If you have any questions or difficulty using the link above, please call us at 416-556-4068.