cigbuttquotes-11I came to Morpheus to quit smoking, and I haven’t had a cigarette since—all because my hypnotherapist dealt with all the deepest reasons why I was smoking. He not only had me open up a dialogue with the part of me that enjoys smoking and integrated it with the rest of me, but he thoroughly addressed the stresses in my life that were driving me to smoke. Not only have I quit smoking, but I feel much less stressed! I feel way better than I have in years—like a huge weight I didn’t know was there has been lifted off my chest. And this major change took place in a single, two-hour session with him. Thanks!*quotes-12

— D.K. (Producer, Toronto)

It’s Time to Break Free of Cigarette Smoking and Get Your Life Back

Hypnotherapy is a safe, easy, drug-free way of quitting smoking. And it works! According to a study by the University of Washington’s School of Medicine, the success rate for hypnotized individuals in the study is 91%. Other studies comparing hypnosis with nicotine replacement therapy shows that the hypnotized group had a higher success rate than the group still using nicotine. Why? Because hypnotherapy recognises that smoking behaviour isn’t merely a chemical addiction—it stems from thoughts and beliefs deeply rooted in your subconscious. Hypnotherapy helps you get to the root of your desire to smoke and change it to a desire to become healthy, empowered and free.

The Three Most Popular Stop-Smoking Methods—and Why They Fail

Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Many smokers have tried various nicotine replacements and found that they don’t work. They pump your body full of the very poison that you are trying to escape. And most important of all, they don’t address the mental component of your addiction: the strong link between smoking and the mental patterns that affect the pleasure centres of the brain. On top of that, the physical component of the addiction often isn’t what prevents most smokers from quitting successfully.

“Weaning”: This means gradually reducing your cigarette intake each day until you become smoke-free. But this kind of controlled decrement is extremely difficult to maintain, even for the strongest-willed individuals. As a result, this option for quitting smoking has the highest failure rate.

Cold Turkey: This is arguably the ideal choice of the most commonly used methods because it is completely nicotine-free right from commencement. Unfortunately, it does nothing to address the powerful cravings and overwhelming void left once cigarettes have been removed from your life. Going cold turkey is hard at the best of times—when high volumes of stress or environmental temptation is added to the situation, it becomes nearly impossible.

Hypnosis: Your Key to a Healthy, Smoke-Free Lifestyle

smokingbreakAll of your thoughts and actions are governed by two aspects of your brain: your conscious and your subconscious (or unconscious). Consciously, you don’t want to be a smoker. You know it can cause severe disease and premature death. You hate the stained teeth and fingernails, the bad breath, the dulled sense of smell and taste and the perpetual odour that comes along with the habit—not to mention the money you spend with every pack. Unfortunately, your subconscious holds ideas and beliefs too. And it is these ideas—which you may not be aware of—that perpetuate your desire to smoke.

Whenever there’s a conflict between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind almost always wins. For most people, emotion is more compelling than logic. That’s why we have to change your subconscious mind—your emotional associations with cigarettes, your daily rituals and habits, your sense of pride and empowerment—in order to quit smoking.

Physical withdrawal symptoms last on average seven days. It goes to follow that if you are able to go without a cigarette for a week, your cravings should be gone forever. Of course, the reality is that it doesn’t usually work like that. That’s where nicotine replacement therapy fails: it operates on the principle that the solution is “outside” of you and therefore you can be cured with a chemical. However, hypnotherapy acknowledges the fact that your smoking is due to thoughts and experiences deeply rooted in your subconscious, and acts accordingly to free you from your dependence. You have the innate ability to become a non-smoker free of cravings—and hypnotherapy is the tool you need to access this ability.

Each session begins with your hypnotherapist inducing a state of deep relaxation. This opens your mind to beneficial suggestions and allows access to your subconscious, preparing you to receive suggestions for a new, smoke-free life. Your hypnotherapist will be able to identify deeper reasons why you smoke and the experiences and beliefs linked to them. Some of this information may come as a surprise to you. Your hypnotherapist will address these subconscious motives and, through the use of positive, motivational suggestions, invoke new ideas that support a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle. You were born a non-smoker, and as you reconnect with your former mindset, you will discover that your desire for cigarettes fades into the past.

We Understand Your Concerns

Many people are afraid to stop smoking because of the side effects of other stop-smoking methods. With hypnotherapy, these side effects are minimized or directly addressed. If any of these reasons are stopping you from becoming a non-smoker, hypnosis can help:

“Won’t I gain weight?”
This only happens if you’ve been smoking for comfort or as a coping mechanism. We’ll examine these deeper reasons for your habit, which means that you won’t be left with a void that could be potentially filled with food.

“How will I cope in social situations when I’m surrounded by smokers?”
Like any non-smoker, your first instinctive response will be, “No, thank you.” Hypnotherapy can’t take away your decision to smoke, but it can open up the choice to reject cigarettes, a choice that had not been easy before.

“How will I combat stress and anxiety without cigarettes?”
Your hypnotherapist will show you easy relaxation methods that can allow you to confront any situation calmly and rationally.

No matter your specific concerns, we can address them directly with hypnotherapy.

Our Stop Smoking Sessions Pay for Themselves

guarantee-01Our two-session program costs $500 plus HST. That rate is nearly what most smokers spend on cigarettes in just over one month—which means all the money you save after quitting goes directly into your pocket. If you want to save money by realising your full potential and quit smoking the easy, risk-free way, then we ask you: why not hypnosis?

This investment will save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. And that’s just the monetary savings—you cannot put a price on your life, but you can choose an affordable stop-smoking program that will dramatically improve your health.

Is Hypnosis Right for You? If You’re Serious About Stopping Smoking, Take the Next Step Forward

If you’re like about 95% of our smoking clients, the two-session program described above is all you’ll need. Call 416-556-4068 and a Client Care Coordinator will be happy to schedule the first out of your two sessions.

If you aren’t ready to make the leap yet, ask for a free initial consultation in our office to discover how hypnosis can work for you. This complimentary one-hour visit allows you to:

  • Get the information that you need about how hypnosis works, what makes us different, and how we’re able to help you.
  • Do a standardized suggestibility assessment, so that we can objectively predict how well hypnosis will work for you.
  • Talk to us about your specific case.
  • Optionally experience a short hypnosis session, in our hypnosis chair, so that you can experience relaxation benefits immediately.
  • Book a session with one of our practitioners while you’re here, or request a written treatment plan with a fee estimate.
  • Take home a copy of The Skeptic’s Guide to Hypnosis, written by Luke Chao, founder of this centre. It’s a short read that describes his unique perspectives on hypnosis, 15 years after receiving certification.

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