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Experienced, thoughtful and devoted to advancing hypnotherapy as a profession, we use pure hypnosis to create rapid breakthroughs.

Request a free consultation, either in-office in downtown Toronto or online through our private video calling server, for a custom-written treatment plan. Our typical program completes within five sessions.

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Expert Hypnotherapy

After 8500+ clients over 17 years, we’ve probably seen your problem before. That means we understand what you need to hear. Each session leaves you feeling relaxed, empowered and increasingly unstuck.

Transparent by Design

Making an informed decision is easier than ever. Meet with a coordinator for a free, hour-long consultation, and receive a treatment plan from our practitioner within three business days with all the details you need.

Optional Camaraderie

During our quest to become the preeminent hypnosis centre on Earth, we’ve come to understand what shared humanity means. On weeknights, we offer affordable group hypnosis for common concerns.

Boutique Service


During business hours, we’re just a quick call away. We’re happy to answer your questions about hypnotherapy or book a consultation for you.

A Spacious, Serene and Modern Facility

In-person appointments and classes still matter: not every service needs to be delivered online. In 2022, we relocated from our original location to a larger facility half a block away at 49 Elm Street, which includes the world’s only permanent venue that’s dedicated to group hypnosis.

Our Philosophy of Practice

In our view, a hypnotherapist should practise hypnotism in its purest form, while thinking with the depth and clarity of a philosopher. We must embrace our own humanity when we help our clients to navigate the same human condition. We must value truth, reason and conscience when we claim to instill better thinking in our clients.

In order to meet your expectation of rapid breakthroughs, we cannot expect you to arrive at all the answers or solutions yourself. Nor can we plan for you to return for very many sessions. We do not want you to explore your history or speak about your problem at length, once we’ve gained an understanding of it. Instead, we provide strongly directive guidance for your inner world in ways that other professionals, such as doctors and therapists, typically do not.

Our guidance starts with the premise that there is such a thing as higher-quality thinking, that it’s the thought process of somebody who does not have your problem despite being in similar circumstances, and that long-term change happens once you’ve adopted their principles as your own. Normally, it’s a solid grounding in what’s truthful and reassuring, or truthful and empowering. Often, our clients who feel stuck simply have never received helpful guidance as to what to think.

“Let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.”
— Sun Tzu, The Art of War

By definition, hypnosis requires you to suspend your usual mode of thinking and to listen to ours, which makes transparency paramount. The work that we produce for free, such as our video content and custom-written treatment plans, is to ensure that you understand what we believe “higher-quality thinking” entails before you agree to accept it for yourself. We would be pleased if you helped yourself to these resources: In our view, good ideas should spread widely, even if our personal attention comes at a cost.

In summary, we find that hypnotherapy works best when the client listens closely to the hypnotist’s sincere expression of helpful and principled thinking. We specifically reject technique-based, counselling-like and expressly spiritual approaches to hypnotism in favour of this “strongly directive, with prior informed consent” approach that makes rapid change the norm.

Yes, We Can Help You...

Lose Weight Naturally

Stop emotional eating, normalize healthy habits and take good care of yourself.

Stop Smoking

You were born as a non-smoker, and quitting smoking will be a return to normal.

End Fears and Phobias

It isn’t only children who imagine monsters in the dark: we all perceive threats in the unknown.

Stop Procrastinating

Overcome hesitation and doubt to start getting things done.

Sales Motivation

Boost your confidence and motivation to become a more effective sales professional.

Fly Fearlessly

Thinking like a fearless flyer helps you to feel and travel like a fearless flyer.

Sleep Easier and Faster

Ease worries from your mind to sleep more quickly, easily and soundly.

Speak in Public

Understand public speaking as an act of leadership to become a confident public speaker.

Manage IBS Naturally

The strength of the mind–body link is very evident when you live with IBS.

Relieve Stress

Hypnosis can help you to manage stress and adopt a lower-stress worldview.

Boost Sports Performance

Hypnosis helps you to focus, get “in the zone” and set your mind on winning.

Other Issues

We help with many other issues, including pain management, sexual issues and bad habits.

Free 1-Hour Consultation (In-Office or Online)

We’ve made it easy to take the first step. To schedule a relaxed, free initial consultation conducted either at our office in downtown Toronto or online through a private video call, phone us at 416-556-4068 (in Toronto) or 1-888-HYPNO-24 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada), or complete the form below. This complimentary hour-long meeting allows you to:

  • Get the information that you need about how hypnosis works, what makes us different, and how we’re able to help you.
  • Do a standardized suggestibility assessment, so that we can objectively predict how well hypnosis will work for you.
  • Tell us about your situation and your goals, which will determine what your treatment plan will look like.

If we believe that we can help you, our practitioner will write a specific, detailed treatment plan, delivered to your inbox within 72 hours.

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    * For legal reasons, we must state that the ideal results described on this site, including testimonials, represent the outcome of an ideal client. Your results might be different, and will depend on your hypnotic suggestibility, motivation to change, past history, and many other factors that are not in our control. In addition, our work as hypnotherapists is not medical care, psychotherapy or psychological advice.

    For the first time in my life I’m consistently waking up and actually looking forward to my day
    — K.H. (Toronto)
    This has changed my outlook on life dramatically
    — Candace I. (Toronto)
    I never knew what being relaxed truly felt like before our sessions
    — M.K., Professional Hockey Player

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    As with all methods of self-improvement, results may vary.
    For the first time in my life I’m consistently waking up and actually looking forward to my day
    — K.H. (Toronto)
    This has changed my outlook on life dramatically
    — Candace I. (Toronto)
    I never knew what being relaxed truly felt like before our sessions
    — M.K., Professional Hockey Player

    Read more testimonials →

    As with all methods of self-improvement, results may vary.