Since we opened our doors in 2006, we’ve backed our sessions with one of the most liberal refund policies in the profession. The invaluable feedback we’ve received through this policy has led us to review many common practices, develop our own best practices, and produce higher levels of client satisfaction as a result. Over time, we hope that our ethos of continual improvement will define a new standard for hypnotherapists worldwide.

If you are considering a client relationship with us, please read this page carefully, since a professional service isn’t guaranteed the same way a consumer product would be. The details of this policy allow us to become a better hypnosis centre, while preventing abuse of our goodwill and correctly identifying you as the person most responsible for your own change.

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the in-office or online session(s) that your hypnotist has completed, and we can’t offer a better resolution to your complaint, we will refund up to three sessions in full. To qualify for a refund, you will have to provide a specific, actionable complaint that describes where your session(s) did not meet your expectations, and which could prevent future clients from experiencing similar dissatisfaction.

This policy covers everything that your hypnotist is directly responsible for, such as their thought process, communication and professionalism. It does not cover anything that’s outside of our control, such as decisions you make when we are not present, nor anything that’s a collaborative effort, such as your final results. In other words, your hypnotist should be a positive influence on your life, but they will never be the only influence.

We offer this policy in good faith and require our clients to engage with us in the same spirit in order to have the best chances of success: you must be open and honest during your intake, set your expectations to match what we describe in your treatment plan, and consider this refund policy to be a last resort when there’s no better option, since it terminates the hypnotist–client relationship. Guarantee or not, you should set your mind on success rather than failure and embrace your crucial role in the process of changing your own perspectives or behaviours. If you request a refund, your complaint has to be truthful, critical and aligned with our goal to improve the experience of future clients.

If you are a payer but not the client (i.e., the person who is being hypnotized), you should consider our fees to be non-refundable, since we consider our clients to be in control of their own treatment. We will only respond to refund requests from clients who have experienced our sessions, unless you are a client’s legal guardian.

If you are not measurably hypnotized in a first session, we do not charge for the session in the first place, which means that this policy applies to sessions that you have completed and paid for. Prepaid sessions that have not yet been completed are fully refundable upon request (subject to our 24-hour cancellation policy).


Non-qualifying complaint: “I’ve had an unexpected bill come up, and I’d like to have my past sessions refunded” or “I enjoyed my sessions and I’m not blaming the practitioner, but hypnosis didn’t work for me.”

As they are written, neither of these complaints explains how we failed to meet our obligations or how our work could be improved. “Hypnosis didn’t work” can be caused by many things that are not in our control, such as the influence of family members, unanticipated stressors or your own decision-making. If you cannot describe what we did wrong, like in the qualifying example below, our refund policy does not apply.

Qualifying complaint: “I mentioned that I’m a vegetarian during my intake, but in my third session, my hypnotist included poultry among the foods that I can enjoy. It made me feel uneasy and I couldn’t concentrate after that. Unfortunately, that one comment seemed to taint everything else that was said, and I’m going to have to go elsewhere. You should keep better notes about people’s dietary restrictions!”

This complaint describes a fault in something that we do have control over, and it will result in a prompt refund, our apologies and a change to our procedures.

Other Products and Services

We guarantee in-office and online sessions because of the uncertainties involved and the impossibility of reversing time. This can make it easier for you to proceed with hypnosis, since we understand our work much better than a new client does, and we are willing to assume the risk that we might misstep during your initial sessions.

Recordings are exempt from this policy, because our recorded work can be sampled online, outlined in advance and edited afterward. There will never be a situation where we deliver a recording with a voice or content other than what you can expect based on the information that’s available to you in advance.

We will write your first treatment plan free of charge. If you require additional treatment plans, a non-refundable charge will apply.

If we are selling a product, it will come with its own refund policy, which will be described at the point of sale.

Last updated July 13, 2021.