Our Proven Process for Rapid Change

Proven Four-Step Process

We’ve made it easy to take the first step. To schedule a relaxed, free initial consultation conducted either at our office in downtown Toronto or online through a private video call, phone us at 416-556-4068 (in Toronto) or 1-888-HYPNO-24 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada), or complete the form below. This complimentary meeting, which lasts for up to an hour, allows you to:

  • Get the information that you need about how hypnosis works, what makes us different, and how we’re able to help you.
  • Do a standardized suggestibility assessment, so that we can objectively predict how well hypnosis will work for you.
  • Tell us about your situation and your goals, which will determine what your treatment plan will look like.

If we believe that we can help you and you’d like to proceed with us, our practitioner will write a detailed treatment plan, delivered to your inbox within three business days. Otherwise, there is no obligation to proceed with any paid services.

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    You do not need an appointment for a self-directed consultation. Instead, please click here to begin at your own pace once you have at least 30 minutes free. At the end of the consultation, you have the option of submitting details about your case, and we will provide a treatment plan within a few days. Between this online component and the written plan, our self-directed consultation is an effective substitute for our in-office consultation.

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    Privacy Notice: We will only contact you for reasons related to your request to become our client. The information you provide will not be shared with third parties. This is a secure, SSL-encrypted form.

    What Our Clients Say

    “Previously, I had worked with many hypnotists worldwide, with various level of results. Due to my experience with hypnosis, I had precise expectations about what I wanted to accomplished, which the other hypnotists have failed to hear. I was impressed by Luke’s approach, outstanding ability to listen and analysis of root causes. Luke is an expert hypnotist with a soft and pleasant voice that prompts you to trust him, relax and achieve desired results. Highly recommended!” *

    — Andy T., Investment Banker

    “I just wanted to drop a line of thanks for the session. It was great of you to outline the session expectations before we got started. […] My anxiety with elevators, bridges, and yes, airplanes! has completely disappeared. It was impressive to undergo the realization of where the anxiety stemmed from, but at the same time, I will say that the session has definitely affected other issues in my life that may have came from the same problem (i.e., mistrust of some people/situations). Many thanks again!” *

    — Lynn X., Nurse Practitioner

    “I never knew what being relaxed truly felt like before our sessions. I wasn’t happy with my life and where it was headed, but with your guidance, you put the power in me to find my own answers. I have a totally different outlook on life now, and you kick-started that. Thank you, and keep helping people, because there is no greater power than in themselves.” *

    — M.K., Professional Hockey Player