Ever wonder what happens during hypnosis, and why hypnotists say the things they do? In this 22-minute video, Luke Chao performs an abbreviated hypnosis session for exercise motivation and breaks down exactly what he’s doing from start to finish.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What goes into a hypnotic induction (in this video, we use the Elman induction)
  • What goes into a deepener (we use a staircase/countdown deepener)
  • Why hypnotists say the things they do, in the way that they do
  • How we access resourceful memories and bring those states to the present
  • How suggestions are worded
  • How future pacing and projection work
  • How the emergence works

This session is less than half as long as a typical session in our office. In most cases, we have the time to use a wider variety of techniques and expand upon the techniques we use. Because of the time restriction, the video only uses direct suggestion (i.e., a monologue from the hypnotist to the client). Much of the work we do, when we have more time, is dialogue- and insight-driven.

In addition, the pre-talk and intake interview are edited out for brevity’s sake. Normally, we would discuss the session with the client before and after they experience it.

If you need exercise motivation, try closing your eyes and experiencing the session for yourself!

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