Our free shared hypnosis events on January 4 and February 6 this year were spectacularly attended. If you waited more than a few hours after my announcement to reserve a seat, you would have been disappointed to find that the room was already fully booked.

To meet this level of demand, I’ve decided to offer free shared hypnosis for self-love twice a month, on the first and third Tuesday, for the remainder of 2024. If the room continues to fill up, we will continue these events indefinitely.

Why am I doing this? If you’ve ever heard me speak about mental health, you know that I’m deeply passionate about democratizing self-love, self-respect and self-assurance—and I believe that hypnosis (thoughtful speaking on my part combined with attentive listening on your part) is the best way to achieve that end.

Thanks to all of my clients who have engaged with me for paid sessions, I can pay the rent and feed myself well enough to give back to the community, and this is how I’m choosing to do it. My vision for the future is a pro-social one, where the city is full of happier people who help each other out: as you might have heard me say, we are human beings, not human resources. If you share this vision, please feel free to bring your friends and family to one of these nights.

And since the question has come up: yes, you can attend a free event more than once (if you can tolerate the same outline repeatedly), and yes, you can attend a free event even if you’re already paying (or have paid) for private or shared sessions. The reason I’ve doubled availability for the rest of the year is so that everybody can get a seat.

To reserve your seat for an upcoming event (the free nights in March will be on the 5th and 19th), visit: https://www.morpheusclinic.com/events/

If you have any questions, just drop us a line. Thanks!

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