In this episode, we advocate for capital-letter Truth, Morality and Beauty in our purportedly post-modern world, and we argue that these ideals are not quaintly outdated, but necessary for society to function and for you (as an adult) to be at your happiest:

  • Pursuing truth, morality and beauty are worthwhile goals even in modern times, and not just “Victorian” concepts.
  • Maintaining lies, especially lies to oneself, can be psychologically and physically damaging over time due to the stress of keeping up deceit.
  • Defining and staying connected to one’s own moral values and sense of right and wrong can help reduce anxiety and improve mental health.
  • Universal human morality can be defined as behaviors that are pro-social and foster good social relationships and community.
  • Foundations like religion previously provided backing for moral systems, so alternative foundations need to be established.
  • Beauty can be defined as a balance between chaos and order, and things done with care and quality are more likely to be considered beautiful.
  • Architecture and art should aim to be aesthetically pleasing since most people will experience it.
  • One’s environment should aim to create positive feelings in others.

Table of Contents:

0:00 – Introduction
1:04 – Truth
16:00 – Morality
32:00 – Beauty

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