We use high-quality microphones for our online hypnosisWorking from home or being in self-isolation does not need to stop you from staying healthy or achieving your personal goals this year. In addition to doing your part to “flatten the curve” and possibly save lives, staying at home makes for an ideal time to engage in self-care and personal development.

During this time, we have been engaging with clients through online videoconferencing, telephone calls and custom recordings while we are doing our part to facilitate social distancing. We understand that tele-hypnosis is unlike traditional hypnosis, but we believe it’s your best option for the current times, and it has been approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

We don’t want anybody to delay stopping smoking, or to live with increased anxiety, during a time that is already difficult enough. Now more than ever, we intend to be a calm in the centre of the storm for all of our clients.

Hypnosis essentially works through higher-quality thinking applied to your problems and communicated effectively while you’re in an open-minded state. There is no need to physically visit an office, since tele-hypnosis is effective and completely safe. All you need on your end is some privacy, comfortable seating and technology that you already own.

Why Work With Us?

Since we opened in 2006, The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis has stood out as one of the only hypnosis centres in the world with an unconditional refund policy. Even today, we remain dedicated to accepting this risk at the same time we’re leading the way through innovative thinking and improving upon the hypnosis industry’s best practices. One unique practice we introduced last year is to provide a custom-written treatment plan before you decide to begin a program. In all of the work we do, we aim to fulfil our motto: We Make Hypnosis Make Sense.

We prefer to host online sessions using our private videoconferencing server located on Canadian soil, not third-party solutions that can be fraught with security and reliability issues. You don’t need to install any software as long as you already have a computer running the Chrome web browser. To help our clients adapt to tele-hypnosis, we are also scheduling extra time between appointments and being more flexible with our policies.

To discuss your needs in more depth, call us at 416-556-4068 (toll-free at 1-888-HYPNO-24) or complete the form below to schedule a facilitated online consultation where you can speak with me live. There’s no cost or obligation until you have all the information you need to make a decision, including whether you can easily be hypnotized.

From our homes to yours, we look forward to speaking with you.


Luke Chao
Founder, The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis

P.S.: For a sample of my work, please see these five free hypnosis sessions for those who are self-isolating or working during the pandemic.

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