Newspaper Article: “Success Through Hypnosis”

Ryerson University is just around the corner from us, which makes us a convenient option for their students. On Wednesday March 18, 2009, their student newspaper The Eyeopener featured our hypnosis centre in their article “Success Through Hypnosis,” following the story of a Ryerson student named Will Lam.

Lam wanted to get his GPA up and quit smoking, and turned to Morpheus to for help. He achieved all of his goals thanks to our founder Luke Chao. According to Luke, students make up about 5% of Morpheus’ clients, and student aged clients tend to be more suggestible than older clients. Luke shares the story of the horse and rider, and how it perfectly explains the concept of hypnosis. As well, he talks about resolving the inner conflict that clients face, in particular the side that has an issue and the side that wants to fix it. He stresses the importance of taking what you learn in hypnosis with you in your day to day life, as it is up to the client to keep the same thought process going when they leave the office.

Luke discusses the extreme importance of professionalism in hypnotherapy clinics. Many people don’t see hypnosis as an actual solution to their problems because the equate it with palmistry and tarot card readings. For hypnosis to become universally respected as an answer to your problems, hypnotists must remain professional and deliver real results. This is found at Morpheus Hypnosis. The article reaches out to a psychoanalyst for his take on hypnotism, who says that for some people it works very well.

Lam was very pleased with his results, and highly recommends it to other students to need to get through their mental block.

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