Many take pride in being a perfectionist – however, there is a clear difference between excellence and perfection. Taking the time to do a job right is an admirable trait; it takes persistence, and determination to do a task to the best of your abilities; showcasing true excellence. It emphasizes that you take pride in and have respect for the work that you do.


However, the mentality of a perfectionist can quickly become counter-productive when tasks are stalled and/or stopped altogether because they are seen as having to be done or look a particular way – when this isn’t achieved, the self-hating thoughts flood their mind. Negative habits, such as procrastination, and severe indecision ensue, becoming an unhealthy cycle. Perfectionism comes in several, unrecognizable forms and many individuals may not be conscious of the fact that they are perfectionists.

Rewiring Yourself to Becoming the Perfect You Through Hypnosis

Perfectionism is part of many clinical syndromes including anxiety disorders, depression, and type-A behaviour. All of these factors affect the way a person perceives failure and inadequacy, which are paired with some of the most stressful and negative emotions to experience. Even a small failure will be a big defeat in their eyes, as it wreaks havoc on their desperate perception of seeing themselves as flawless. Hypnosis works in changing a client’s perspective for the better – allowing them to see their failures as a starting point or, a lesson to learn, as opposed to highlighting a flaw in their character. Hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind to reframe their insecurities and and manage their perfectionism.

The goal of perfection is to make you feel inadequate, so that you will achieve your very best. It’s an incredibly negative mindset and can be debilitating for some. While some people get caught up in over-competitiveness, others are afflicted by clinical disorders; and while they may not be able to help it themselves, they can be helped. There is a value and a benefit in accepting yourself as imperfect. A hypnotherapist uses direct suggestions to modify perfectionistic tendencies that allow the client to foster self-acceptance and to realize that it is human to make mistakes. It is common when treating perfectionism to include suggestions for ego-strengthening, increased patience, crediting oneself where its due, reframing mistakes, and stress reduction and management.

We often forget our awesome traits and great achievements by dwelling on the mistakes. When we allow ourselves to let go of our failures and appreciate the times we succeed, we are able to build our confidence and self-worth. “To err is, human” and it is our mistakes, which allow us to continually grow, evolve and become the perfect us. We are our number one resource in this world and taking care of our mental and physical wellbeing will only improve us for the better.

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