Many of our clients first experience hypnosis through tapes, CDs, MP3s or YouTube videos, and often have questions about the advantages of experiencing a live session. In this article, we’d like to address some of the benefits of live sessions.

First, there is no magical “transfer of energy” that occurs between a hypnotist and a client that requires them to be in the same room. Hypnosis occurs through carefully selected and well-spoken words, which can be recorded and played back in high fidelity, especially with today’s technology. That isn’t the reason we recommend live sessions.

One of the biggest benefits of live sessions is that they’re tailored to your requirements. The recordings that you find on the Internet take a “one size fits all” approach, which can sometimes feels like “one size fits nobody.” With a tailored approach, we can speak directly to your specific needs, goals, history, motivations and challenges. That kind of individualization ensures that we don’t suggest anything that’s irrelevant to you, which can be jarring, and that we can address your specific needs without omitting anything important.

Another huge benefit of live hypnosis sessions is that they can be a dialogue, rather than a monologue. Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t always expected to be passive during a hypnosis session. A dialogue that goes back and forth between you and the hypnotist allows them to incorporate your real-time feedback into the session. That opens up a wide array of techniques other than direct suggestion.

In addition, with a live session, we can attend to your responses and adjust course appropriately. For example, in the unusual event that you react badly to a process or a specific suggestion, we will notice immediately, and pull you out of it. A recording isn’t able to do that.

Finally, clients usually feel more attentive during a live session, and that makes it easier to become absorbed in the process. It’s similar to the experience of watching live theatre rather than a movie, or a stand-up comedy show rather than a television special. When somebody is directly in front of you, speaking directly to you, it is more difficult to tune them out.

So what are the benefits of recordings? Besides the cost, one of the biggest benefits is that recordings can be used repeatedly. Another benefit to recordings is that mistakes (pauses, coughs, misspoken words, etc.) are typically edited out — although these minor bumps in the road are rarely a problem during live sessions either. A final benefit is that hypnosis recordings are easier to fit into a busy schedule, since they can be used on a subway ride or before going to sleep.

In summary, there’s a place for both recordings and live sessions. At The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis, we usually begin with live sessions, so that we can make sure you’re responding to hypnosis appropriately and so that we can get to know you a little better. Then, if you want a recording, we typically record it toward the end of your program, so that you have a reminder of your journey to take home with you and keep for life.

Please note that we only have one room that’s set up for recordings. If you require a recording at any point during your program, please ask to be booked with Luke.

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