Here at Morpheus, we’re passionate about hypnosis. We believe that if everybody experienced hypnosis at least once in their lives, they would know why so many people are enthusiastic about it. Here is our list of reasons why everybody should experience hypnosis at least once:

1. It’s an oasis from the bustle of the world.

We endeavour to make our office a peaceful, comfortable space for our clients. Walk into our reception room and you’ll experience the soothing scent of lavender, the mesmerizing activity of the fish in our reef tank, and the attention of our helpful staff—before your session even begins.

When hypnosis actually begins, you’ll be reclined in a large, comfortable chair, with soft music playing in the background, and asked to forget about the world for a while. Hypnosis is the closest thing to taking a short vacation that you can fit into your lunch hour.


A look into our peaceful office

2. It’s quite possibly the deepest relaxation you’ll ever experience (without being fully asleep).

One of the defining qualities of hypnosis is deep relaxation. It’s similar to meditation in that it’s a relaxed, inwardly directed state, but during hypnosis, you’re able to let go entirely and allow the hypnotherapist guide you. Your job is simply to listen to and internalize the suggestions being given to you.

Not only does hypnosis relax the mind, but it relaxes the body. Many of our clients tell us that they felt as if they were weightless during their sessions, or that they feel completely refreshed and ready to take on the world afterwards, as if they’ve just taken a short nap. This is not uncommon and is a sign of having been deep in a trance—a state that resembles sleep, but in a waking state.

3. It’s an altered state of consciousness that’s legal in every province and territory.

People in hypnosis are able to experience what are known as hypnotic phenomena, which are experiences that occur during hypnosis that don’t usually occur outside of hypnosis. For example, during hypnosis, a client might accept a suggestion for complete anaesthesia of the body. Another example is that people who are deeply hypnotized are able to hallucinate images, sounds or feelings, such as kaleidoscopic, closed-eye visuals. In addition, hypnosis can make you feel more loving and empathetic.

Although there isn’t necessarily any benefit to these phenomena in themselves, they don’t cause any harm. Some people have even devoted themselves to studying and practising recreational hypnosis, which is hypnosis experienced simply to feel good.

4. It feels amazing to have somebody take your side, focus all of their attention on you, and say positive, uplifting words to you for an hour.

How often do you receive positive, non-judgmental support from somebody in your life? For many people, we don’t even get that from our spouse, parents or friends. Your hypnotherapist has been trained to view you with absolute positive regard, see the positive side to every situation and speak in ways that are uplifting, supportive and motivating. As a result, you’re practically guaranteed to leave our office feeling much better than when you walked in.

5. You’ll walk out with a new perspective on yourself, your life and your future.

Hypnosis isn’t just about feeling relaxed and supported for an hour. Once you learn how to relax, see the world from a new perspective and let go of your limitations, you’ll be able to accomplish so much more with your life. Besides overcoming fears, quitting smoking and losing weight—the most common problems we work with—we’ve helped people launch their businesses, reach an international level in their sport and defend their thesis in front of a committee.

After all, the reason most people choose hypnosis is to experience personal growth—the relaxation and positivity are just the ways we help you achieve it!

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