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As summer comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about making changes in our lives. Here at Morpheus Hypnosis we most commonly see clients coming to us to quit smoking, lose weight and manage stress. However, hypnosis can help with much more than that. In any aspect of your life where subconscious thoughts and behaviours are holding you back, limiting you or interfering in any way, hypnosis can help. Our hypnotists have training and experience in some unusual fields! Here are some things you may not have known hypnosis could be used for:

Kate Gardiner

Our very own Kate Gardiner has been trained in hypnosis for fertility. If this sounds unbelievable, there is scientific literature to back it up! Research indicates that hypnosis can improve fertility and double the success of in vitro fertilization: a 2004 study of 185 women found that 28% of the women who were hypnotized for their IVF treatments became pregnant, compared to 14% of the women who had not been hypnotized. It is suggested that negative emotions can greatly affect the success of implantation, and therefore hypnotherapy effectively complements other infertility treatments by reducing negative emotions and stress. Kate also understands the concepts behind “hypnobirthing,” which has gained greater prominence in the media since Kate Middleton used hypnosis to treat morning sickness. For hypnobirthing, women learn self-hypnosis relaxation techniques that they can use during labour to ease childbirth pain. Hypnosis can also help expectant mothers maintain their wellbeing by decreasing their stress levels and anxiety, treating their nausea and fatigue, and helping them maintain a positive outlook during pregnancy.

Kate Spariaguina

Hypnotist Kate Spariaguina is an accomplished painter and photographer, and knows better than anyone how artists can use hypnosis to find inspiration. Hypnotherapy can help painters, poets, writers and other artistic individuals enhance their creativity and overcome mental barriers that are getting in the way of the creative process. Enhancing creativity through hypnosis isn’t new; the founder of Surrealism André Breton and fellow members of the surrealist movement used hypnosis to create remarkable poems, literature, sketches and paintings. A 1989 scientific study found that hypnosis increased peoples’ scores on a creativity test, for both highly-suggestible and not highly-suggestible individuals. A 2007 study found that after hypnotic treatment, people demonstrated greatly enhanced creativity for still-life drawing. In addition to increasing creativity, hypnosis can help artists overcome any fears they might have of failure or rejection, and keep them in a positive and productive mindset. Kate carries this artistic approach into her work as a hypnotist; rather than issuing direct commands that tell clients exactly what to do, she acts as a guide, allowing people to find inspiration and creative solutions within their own subconscious.

UJ Ramdas

UJ Ramdas is very skilled and experienced with helping clients who want hypnosis for sexual dysfunction. This includes lack of desire, performance issues (ex. erectile problems, lack of confidence and premature ejaculation), sexual pain disorders, and the inability to orgasm. There have been several studies that consistently demonstrate the efficacy of hypnosis for treating a variety of sexual issues and improving sexual functioning. In a 1997 scientific study, hypnosis had a 75% success rate in treating male sexual dysfunction. A 2003 case study found that hypnosis was extremely effective for treating a woman’s vulvar vestibulitis syndrome; hypnosis sessions decreased her anxiety, created positive associations with sex, and gave her the means of controlling her pain. For three years the woman had experienced persistent pain during sex, and after hypnosis she remained completely pain-free, even at her 12-month follow-up! Hypnosis is commonly used for pain control and for improving confidence, and the same principles can be used to resolve sexual issues. According to UJ, as long as a person is motivated to change, hypnosis will help them.

Hypnosis has been shown in scientific studies to aid a variety of conditions. So if you want to stay positive during your pregnancy, enhance your artistic creativity, or enjoy a healthy sex life, consider hypnotherapy. If you ever wonder whether hypnosis can help with something, the answer will likely be “Yes!” So contact us, talk to one of our hypnotherapists, and start making the changes you want to see in your life.

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