Clients come to Morpheus to get help with a wide range of different issues – from smoking cessation, to weight loss, to overcoming fears and bad habits — but what you might not realize is that hypnosis can help improve more than just your health and personal life. Our founder, Luke Chao, has been working with clients to improve their careers, by using hypnosis for sales motivation. Read on to find out more about Luke’s experience working with sales professionals and how hypnotherapy can help you:

Q: How does hypnosis work for sales motivation?

A: Fear is the #1 killer of sales. Fear of rejection, fear of failure — even fear of success. Hypnosis teaches you a relaxation response, helps you to believe in positive outcomes and keeps you on the right track through slumps. Out of all occupations, salespeople and entrepreneurs understand the importance of mindset more than anybody else. I use hypnosis to help people develop and maintain the right mindset for success.

Q: Who can benefit from hypnosis for boosting sales performance?

A: If your income is tied to your performance — in other words, if you receive a commission or a bonus — professional motivation is worth investigating. Having said that, sometimes there are outside forces in your way. If your mindset is already near-perfect and it’s your product or industry that’s holding you back, we probably can’t help. From past experience, we’ve had more success with real estate agents and B2B sales professionals than multilevel marketers, for example.

Q: What makes a good sales person?

A: The basics are persistence, initiative and courage. It helps to have belief in your product and a genuine love for people. On top of that, in sales, it never hurts to have a burning desire to be rich.

Q: Can hypnosis help me figure out the exact problem that’s holding me back from success?

A: It helps if you come in with a clear idea of what’s holding you back. While we can do exploratory work in hypnosis, it tends to make your program a few sessions longer.

Q: What qualifies you to work with sales people? Do you have experience working in sales or something similar?

A: One of my first jobs out of university was doing sales and support for a company that made websites for real estate agents. Not only did it teach me how to sell on a consultative and relational basis, it taught me about struggles that realtors, specifically, go through. I would say that my most unique qualification is that I can completely understand and empathize with sales professionals — which shouldn’t be unusual among helping professionals, but somehow is.

Q: How do you tailor sessions to a client’s individual needs?

A: Different clients are, well, different. Some industries demand a consultative sales approach, while others are all about the hard sell. Selling a condo is very different from selling consulting services, and that’s very different from selling automobiles. I take pride in delivering an individualized program that’s meets each client’s specific needs, setbacks and objectives.

Q: Why is hypnosis such a useful tool when it comes to sales motivation?

A: Most barriers to success originate in the mind, and that’s where hypnosis works. Changing a few core beliefs can have a big impact. As one example, I might instil the idea that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. As another example, I might instil the idea that every “no” leads you one step closer to a “yes.”

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: Most people feel a difference after the first session, but typically it takes three to five sessions to make a significant impact.

Q: How long lasting are the results?

A: My intention with hypnosis is to get the ball rolling. After that, success tends to beget success. Occasionally we have clients coming back when they’re in a slump, but when we hear from clients many months or years after they’ve finished their program, it’s usually positive.
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