The word love will get thrown around a lot these days. You will see it plastered around shops and streets. There’s a real emphasis on promoting love in material ways every February. What if we took that focus, and instead brought it over to self-love?

The real focus this February and throughout the year should be loving yourself. Focusing all the love and attention that you give away back onto your own is a great way to spend this Valentine’s Day. Hypnotherapy is a positive and holistic approach to self-love and self-help. After all, hypnosis really empowers you to take back control of your life!

Hypnotherapy is a safe way to bring that attention back to loving your body and mind. Luke Chao, founder and instructor at The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis, discusses some of the processes he takes clients through in session. The idea here, he says, is to feel positive attention and direct that to all parts of your body. This is often accomplished through breathing and other relaxing techniques that he goes on to explain. “I direct their thoughts so that they focus on loving each breath that they take, down through to the tips of their fingers. I tell them to love every one of their heartbeats.”

One of the first things that hypnotherapists do with their clients is to get them to appreciate how good they feel during hypnosis. Something else hypnotherapists might typically do with clients is to ask them to imagine themselves as other people in their lives. The hypnotherapist tells them to see all the positive things about them through the eyes of others. Another technique to accomplish self-love through hypnosis might include regression. Your hypnotherapist will only use regression if you are comfortable revisiting past events. For those who are, they are asked to imagine something like their biggest mistake and to forgive themselves for it. For most, it’s a very healing experience.

The benefits of self-love through hypnosis are plenty. Alleviating stress and focusing positive energy back onto the mind has incredible possibilities. This is true whether or not you are trying to quit smoking, or to get back in shape. Hypnotherapy can even help manage your pain. By focusing your attention to positive patterns of thought, you allow yourself room to heal. Stress can manifest itself physically in the body. It can also make physical conditions worse in the same way. Practicing mindfulness is a safe and relaxing method of taking away the added challenges of stress.

Hypnotherapy is an act of self-love where you are an active participant. Despite how relaxed you might feel, it is always the power of your own mind that allows you to overcome and achieve. Hypnotherapy guides you through the process towards loving yourself a little more each day. This February, consider doing a little something for yourself for a change and feel good.

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