It’s come up on the news lately. Whether at school or at home, hypnotherapy can be useful to improve key problem areas for our little ones. Some of these common issues include sports performance, fears and phobias, picky eating, and improving confidence. Hypnotherapy for children can have many positive outcomes on their attitudes and outlooks. It is a gentle and safe way to help out with these key issues for kids.

In fact, children can be more open to hypnosis than adults. This is partly because of their imagination and openness to new ideas. Critical thinking and skepticism are often skills that are learned over time. Adult clients more often cannot achieve hypnosis because of the above-mentioned reasons. Kids are again more naturally open-minded. This is why a hypnotherapist is often able to reach out to kids in positive ways. Hypnosis works to relax the mind, and the hypnotherapist helps you reach your personal goals.

How can these newly developed attitudes be applied in the classroom, you might ask? An expert opinion might be helpful for those looking to get a better idea. Kate Gardiner is a Registered Hypnotherapist at The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis. She specializes in pediatric hypnotherapy, and has been practicing for over eight years. Kate has great deal of insight on the kinds of things that kids are having hard times with.

Kate discusses what she calls ‘exam anxiety’ as a culprit behind many issues in school. She uses hypnotic suggestion to help clients regain focus in the classroom. What she and her clients work through together during a session is where their fear or anxiety about school performance comes from. Kate guides clients through finding the problem, and addressing it. This means kids have a newfound sense of control over their lives. The results? Your kids having new everyday routines that make them healthy and happy.

Many of Kate’s younger clients also often seek help with classroom bullying. She does this by teaching children to deflect negative attention. Kate uses hypnotic suggestion to allow the client to imagine themselves as being safe. This technique protects clients from the hurtful or negative words and actions of others. Kate will often invite these clients to imagine a shield around themselves that they can choose to carry with them.

It is through the suggestion of feeling safe from the bullies’ bad behaviour that these kids in effect protect themselves mentally. These are but few of the many potential problems (and solutions!) that come up during sessions. The primary concern of the hypnotherapist is always to meet, guide, and ease each new client throughout the process of hypnotherapy. When it comes to kids, an added level of sensitivity, compassion and understanding is always the right idea.

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